This booklet was my final project of my second semester in college. Our topic was „contradiction“ and I chose to write about wrong humor. More people than we think seem to be super funny and happy but are actually sad and sometimes even depressive inside. „Ulknudel“ is a german word for someone who is a really funny, maybe even weird and an entertaining person. The word „Nudel“ in it means noodle which brought me to a comparison: One single noodle is broken easily. If you put it in hot water though, it gets flexible and strong. And so is the behaviour of people such as some comedians, their soul and heart is broken easily since they are depressive. To get stronger and to be able to adapt they use that wrong humour (the hot water in the case of the noodle) which actually hurts them, just to get bent into the right position and „fit“ into our society. In the end I appeal to beat and to wash away that „Clown“ in yourself and just be who you are. Here are some example pages.