SCHMIZZ – Bachelorthesis

Coffee – one of the most consumed drinks in the world and the most exported good right after oil. But almost no-one knows that coffee is actually a fruit! On the long way from the seed to the final cup of coffee very valuable resources get lost. To get one kilo of raw coffee you need five times as much coffee fruits that are all hand picked and finally ending as organic waste as soon as the bean is removed. We, that means the Maldaner Coffee Roasters and I, want to change that! Our plan is to create a natural, caffeinated lemonade, produced out of the dried skin of the coffee cherry. Besides the Raw Coffee that we buy from our farmers anyway we can now give them another source of income without wasting other Resources. Quite the opposite: Previously wasted material will now be an inquired good. Through the upcycling of the coffee fruit to a stimulating lemonade we start an economic circle and create a new and bigger awareness for the exotic superfruit through a transparent communication.

During my Bachelorthesis I created the brand for our lemonade, the packaging design, the Corporate Design and a campaign which includes among other things posters, booklets, mailings and merchandising articles